Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Preyer House, c. 1825

Preyer House, c. 1825

In my discussion of the Rodolphus Edwards house the other day, I compared it with the John Honam house, in Lakewood. There's another similar house, worthy of mention, that slipped my mind, the Preyer house, at 14299 Superior Road, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

From the street, the Preyer house doesn't look anything like the other two houses mentioned. The siting of the house, so far back from the street, when compared with the other houses in the neighborhood, should be a clue that something is different about the house.

Philips-Preyer House, c. 1825

A closer view allows us to see that the house is made of sandstone, but it still looks like one built around the turn of the century. This is fitting, as this was when the house was expanded considerably. The dormers, porch, and rear wing were added at the time.

Preyer House, c. 1825

This side view reveals a very different house, one similar to the Edwards house.

The Preyer house, built c. 1825, is a Cleveland Heights landmark. It is the oldest house in the city.

The style of this house makes me wonder if the Edwards house might, in fact, be a bit earlier than I had suspected.


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