Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mystery Photo for September 16, 2010

House on a hill

On Monday, when I posted Snapshots of Cleveland, 1910-1913, I noted that there was one photo I had omitted. This is the photo.

The house appears to have been new when the photo was taken. It appears to be on a bit of a slope, which should narrow down the location. Do you know approximately where it is (or was)?

Be the first to identify it in the comments here and win your choice of the following books:
  • Covering History: Revisiting Federal Art in Cleveland, 1933-43, a beautiful, 72 page joint publication of the Cleveland Artists Foundation and the Cleveland Public Library. It picks up where Karal Ann Marling's work (Federal Art in Cleveland) left off, and is highly recommended.
  • Any of the other publications of the Cleveland Artists Foundation that are still in print. The CAF is the organization publishing works on the history of art in greater Cleveland.
  • Shaker Heights Fences by Patricia J. Forgac (1984, 16 pages)
  • Shaker Heights: the Van Sweringen Influence by Claudia R. Boatwright (1983, 56 pages)

All guesses must be made as comments on this post. There will not be any clues, as, I must confess, I haven't been able to figure this one out myself.

If you publish books or other products relating to Cleveland history and would like to offer them as prizes, please email


  1. my best guess is 1821 north park blvd. although the photo would have to be take from behind the house (on the denton side)...
    ~ pete

  2. Is it in Glenville/ Hough near Rockefeller Park ? (That description is probably not even specific enough)

  3. I think the frozen lake is behind the house in the picture.

  4. Wow! Good eye! What areas would share this geography and lake view?

    I've updated the post to link to a high-resolution version of the image.

  5. How about Lake or Edgewater Ave, right when you get off of Rt 2? A house on the North side of the street might have that view, and there is a little change in topography there.

  6. Could it be on Whiskey Island, or was there only shanty housing there? Otherwise, I agree with Edgewater Park neighborhood.

  7. Because all the other photos in the series are on the east side and the "cluster" of other houses between this house and the lake, I guess that the house was located in one of the lake front neighborhoods from the east end of Bratenahl to about East 156th Street. The hill could also indicate a creek or tributary draining to the lake such as Euclid Creek. It could also be further east where people built "camps" such as Euclid and Willowick. But to make a guess, I will say Villa Beach Drive in Collinwood.


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