Friday, October 1, 2010

Mystery Photo for October 1, 2010

Jesse Owens house

Where is this house and why is it historically important?
Note that I have altered the street sign slightly, so you won't be able to tell based on that.

And we have a winner! This was the residence of Jesse Owens at the peak of his career, from 1934-1936. The house, still standing, is located at 2178 East 100th Street, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Be the first to identify it and win your choice of the following books:
  • Covering History: Revisiting Federal Art in Cleveland, 1933-43, a beautiful, 72 page joint publication of the Cleveland Artists Foundation and the Cleveland Public Library. It picks up where Karal Ann Marling's work (Federal Art in Cleveland) left off, and is highly recommended.
  • Any of the other publications of the Cleveland Artists Foundation that are still in print. The CAF is the organization publishing works on the history of art in greater Cleveland.
  • Shaker Heights Fences by Patricia J. Forgac (1984, 16 pages)
  • Shaker Heights: the Van Sweringen Influence by Claudia R. Boatwright (1983, 56 pages)
If you publish books or other products relating to Cleveland history and would like to offer them as prizes, please email


  1. Jesse Owens house in the mid 30's located at 2178 East 100th Street

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