Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FOUR, Yes, FOUR Historic Structures Nominated for Landmark Status

Detail of a photograph, used courtesy of the Cleveland Landmarks Commission.

You may have heard about one structure that will be proposed for landmark status at the Cleveland Landmark Commission's meeting this Thursday, the Wolfe Music Store Building. The building, at 2112 Euclid Avenue, was designed in 1927 by noted Cleveland architects Walker and Weeks. The ornate terra cotta facade remains a reminder of the care that was put into the ornament and design of this building, built more than 80 years ago. Cleveland State University wants to replace it with a new building - will that building remain a part of the landscape in 80 years? If so, will it be so visually striking?

There are three more Euclid Avenue structures on the agenda - all true landmarks and all worth considering.

Stager-Beckwith house
One is the Stager-Beckwith house, at 3813 Euclid Avenue. This mansion is one of five or so remaining from what was once "Millionaires Row". It was built 1866, by Joseph Ireland, architect.

431d Residence of T.S. Beckwith, Esquire
Image courtesy of Cleveland Public Library

The house was illustrated in the Atlas of Cuyahoga County in 1874, just eight years after it was built. Note the ornate porch, now missing - and note how otherwise, it retains much of the original beauty.

431c Residence of T.S. Beckwith, Esquire - View of the Rear Grounds From the Library
Image courtesy of Cleveland Public Library

The gardens were quite extensive - try to imagine a house being built today with an estate like this at East 38th and Euclid. Today, the house is vacant.

National Town and Country Club (Fenn Tower)
The National Town and Country Club (Fenn Tower) is a residential complex at 1983 East 24th Street (on the north side of Euclid Avenue). It was built 1929-1930. George B. Post and Sons, architects, designed the structure. It is owned by Cleveland State University. I covered it in depth, back in December, 2009. Take a look at that story - the interior detail is impressive. The structure is an Art Deco landmark.

George W. Howe residence

Finally, there's the George W. Howe house, at 2258 Euclid Avenue - also owned by Cleveland State University. It was built 1894, with Coburn and Barnum as the architects. It's one of five or so remaining residences built when this street was known as Millionaires Row. The front entryway to the house has some impressive detail.

The Cleveland Landmarks Commission meets on Thursday, at 9:00 am in room 514 of Cleveland City Hall.


  1. i never realized how much 3813 euclid looks like chateau-sur-mer (1852) in newport, r.i..... all worthy selections. i hope they make it!

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  2. Thanks for posting this on our "Save Lower Prospect Avenue" facebook page! We have over a dozen people attending the meeting tomorrow. I look forward to meeting you there. Greg

  3. Gregory - Alas, my schedule at work prevents me from attending.

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